The EonPay Payment Management Platform provides unmatched processing and remittance functionality for companies looking to leverage a hosted, security compliant Payment Gateway and Recurring Billing Platform for use in their merchant-facing endeavors.

EonPay users are able to offer a best-in-class gateway solution that offers their own merchant clients the comfort and security of working with a tool branded by an industry-leading and trusted Merchant Service provider. The Platform also provides sophisticated Recurring / Subscription Billing capabilities, including support for multiple payment types and extensive collections functionalities.

EonPay offers sophisticated funds remittance capabilities that allow users to easily handle reseller and agent commissions, residual payments, and other fee-split scenarios, as well as full support for Credit Card and ACH processing through multiple platforms / banks for both real-time and batch needs.

Years of experience developing Payment Processing and Recurring Billing solutions, Credit Card Gateways and Collections software packages have been combined with the newest emerging technologies to provide the most seamlessly integrated and robust Payment Management Platform on the market.

Two modules form the core of EonPay's capabilities - EonCharge and EonBill.



EonCharge is a flexible automated processing and remittance engine that supports Credit Card and ACH real-time and batch processing through multiple platforms and banks. It handles sophisticated funds remittance scenarios, including reseller and agent commissions as well as residual payments.

Key features of EonCharge include:

  • - Combined Platform for Card Present / Real Time, eCommerce and Recurring Payments
  • - Tiered Remittance for Merchants, Sub Merchants, Agents, VAR’s and Resellers
  • - Direct to Processor Integrations
  • - CC and ACH from Same Code Set
  • - Support for Tokenization, PayPage, and Encrypted Swipes
  • - Automated Decline Recycling
  • - Credit Card Account Updater
  • - Merchant Management API for Ease of Onboarding
  • - Recurring Billing with Integrated Collections Including Credit Bureau Reporting and Skip Tracing
  • - Chargeback Management

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EonBill is an advanced Account Receivable Management system with extensive recurring billing and collections functionality. It supports single and recurring payments, handles multiple forms of payments as well as multiple payment arrangements. It also provides functionality for automation of the debt recovery process.

In addition, EonBill delivers:

  • - Account Management
  • - Advanced Recurring Billing Management
  • - Customers' Self-Service Portal
  • - Service Fees and Decline Accounting
  • - 3rd Party Collections

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