Learn more about the benefits of working with EON Payment Solutions and the EonPay Platform


Who is EON and what is “EonPay”?

EON Payment Solutions enjoys a unique position in the emerging Billing and Payments world - with parent company ABC Financial being a pioneer in the industry, EON benefits from a decades-long track record of unmatched customer service and relentless dedication to providing clients with solutions that improve their business operations and allow for greater focus on crucial core competencies. As a next-generation technology company, EON's cutting-edge Web 2.0 enterprise offering - the EonPay Platform - delivers the industry’s most flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions for Recurring & Subscription Billing, Credit Card & ACH Processing, and Merchant Services Integrations.

What are the benefits of using a Hosted Recurring Billing and Payment Processing Platform?

By leveraging a Hosted Solution such as the EonPay Platform, users are able to eliminate the cost, complexity and risk of managing an internal, PCI-compliant infrastructure, while receiving direct-to-processor integration, the industry's leading Recurring Billing functionality, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and technical support - usually for less money than most gateway-only providers charge.

How quickly will EON process a new Application and provide a new MID?

Our innovative and streamlined application process usually sees Merchants approved, underwritten, provided a new MID, and provisioned within the EonPay Platform in less than 48 hours.

Does EON assist with training on using the Platform?

EON is happy to assist with training and best-practices recommendations for users of EonPay. Dedicated support for integrations is also provided, and the EON team can be contacted by phone, email or web chat as needed.

What payment methods does EonPay support?

EonPay offers a full range of support for various payment methods - Credit Card (including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), Debit, Pre-Paid, Stored Value, and Gift Cards, as well as support for ACH.

What makes EON’s customer service special?

Along with parent company ABC Financial Services, EON draws on 32 years of absolute focus on relentless customer support to assist customers with achieving the highest levels of success and total satisfaction with their chosen Payment and Billing solution.


What pricing models does EON support?

Flexibility is a key focus for users of EonPay, who can choose from Blended Rate or Interchange (Cost) Plus pricing models that will best match core business operational needs as well as the expectations of a Merchant or Developer's own customer base.

Does EON charge gateway fees?

Because EON is a direct-to-processor solution, there are no gateway fees associated with processing through the EonPay Platform.

Does EON offer Partnerships with Resellers, ISOs, Agents, or other Organizations?

Partnerships are a key component for success in the Billing and Payments world, and EON provides a range of options for working with Resellers, ISO, Agents and other Organizations that look to recurring revenue and residual commissions as a core part of their business offering.


Is EonPay a PCI compliant solution?

Security is a topmost priority for EON Payment Solutions, and the EonPay Platform delivers a fully PCI compliant Hosted solution, which substantially reduces time, concern and worry for Merchants and Developers alike.

What security features doe EonPay provide or support?

In addition to full PCI compliance, EonPay provides a redundant and fail-safed hosted infrastructure, industry-leading tokenization of account holders’ data, support for PayPage and encrypted swipe, and more.

Recurring Billing

What is Recurring Billing and what are the benefits?

Recurring - or Subscription - Billing enables Merchants and Developers to create a continuing stream of revenue and a deeper, more lasting relationship with clients by automating the sending of invoices or bills for ongoing goods and/or services, as well as the methods that customers can use for making payments in a scheduled or ad-hoc manner. The EonPay Platform provides industry-leading functionality to allow Merchants to structure recurring relationships in whatever manner best fits their business model.

How flexible are the parameters for Recurring Billing?

EonPay offers the most flexible and robust platform in the industry, supporting single and recurring billing / payments, multiple forms of payments and the scheduling of multiple payment arrangements.

Does the Platform support all types of billing cycles?

EON's solution enables for the scheduling of any sort of payment plan or schedule - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annual, annual - to accommodate the needs of an organization's business model.

Can the Platform manage multiple payment methods?

EonPay allows users to provide a full range of payment methods to customers - Credit, Debit, ACH and more - and also to use different methods for the payment of recurring or subscription bills

Does EonPay support free trial versions that convert to paid billing once the trial expires?

Converting Free Trials to paid billing is a vital stream of revenue for Merchants and Developers alike, and is fully supported by EonPay, as are scenarios such as "Paid -in-Full" converting to "Monthly Billing" after a set period.

Is the Platform able to add Fees and accrue Balances?

The EonPay Platform offers highly flexible and customizable options for adding late and decline fees, accruing resulting balances and managing Freezes, Billing Deferments and Cancellations.

Does EonPay offer an online portal for customers?

Customer-facing portals provide an easy and effective way to accept payments, update credit card and address details, and add additional payment methods such as ACH or Gift Cards, while reducing the need for manual retries, phone calls or formal collections activities.

Can the Platform provide assistance in the Collections process?

With integration for First and Third Party Collections efforts, EonPay provides vital features such as Account Aging With Age-Based Letters and Emails, Automated Skip Tracing and Bankruptcy Scrubbing, Automated Credit Bureau Reporting, and more.

Payment Processing

Is it easy to add multiple merchants to EonPay at one time?

An ideal solution for organizations that deal with multiple merchants, the EonPay Platform provides a user-friendly and highly automated process for on-boarding and managing any sized merchant or franchise.

How does EonPay handle Declined transactions?

With automated Retry / Rebill / Recycle rules based on true Decline Codes, users are able to give themselves the best possible chance to collect payments due and minimize hours of manual effort or random attempts to process a successful transaction.

Does EonPay include Chargeback Management?

Fully integrated management and automation of the Chargeback representment process is a key feature of the EonPay Platform. Merchants are able to upload, store and instantly submit images and other crucial documentation in support of Chargeback representments, providing the best possible evidence for resolving or winning such disputes.

Does EonPay offer Dynamic Soft Descriptors?

One of the easiest ways to reduce Chargebacks is to provide customers with a clear path for communicating any concerns about items they see on bills or invoices. EonPay's Dynamic Soft Descriptors enable companies to present charges with specific info on Products or Departments, along with contact phone numbers for channeling questions to those who can best answer questions and provide confidence to customers.

Can EonPay automatically split payments among multiple parties?

A core feature of the EonPay Platform, Split Funding - or Tiered Remittance - enables the automatic dissemination of funds from any transaction to various bank accounts via ACH, limiting the manual efforts required to calculate and pay commissions and residuals to Resellers, Agents, Franchisees or other parties involved with sales or service operations.

Are there Reporting capabilities in EonPay’s management console?

With a clean, user-friendly interface, the EonPay Platform enables users to automate the reporting process as well as have immediate access to information about transactions, declines, chargebacks, reseller statements and other data that will enhance any organizations understanding of the Billing and Payments operation.

Deposits and Funding

How often are deposits made for transactions?

Deposits for EON's Merchants are made through Direct Deposits via the Federal Automated Clearing House (ACH) system and are processed in accordance with the ACH operating schedule.

How often are fees deducted?

Fees for working with EonPay are deducted as a part of the end-of-month settlement process.

How often are resellers paid?

EON offers an attractive program for Partners, and Resellers / Agents / Other Organizations are paid monthly after the end-of-month Processing runs.

How are refunds handled by the Platform?

Refunds are handled automatically by the EonPay Platform, which features a user-friendly Management Console for seamlessly automating all aspects of the Billing and Payments process.


Will EonPay integrate with existing front-end systems and eCommerce sites?

With robust and extensive APIs, the EonPay Platform enables customers to quickly enhance software products or eCommerce sites with sophisticated Recurring Billing and Payment Processing capabilities that will streamline operations as well as create new, lasting revenue streams.

Are the APIs for EonPay available to the public?

EON Payment Solutions is a firm proponent of transparency, and API Libraries for both the Recurring Billing and Payment Processing modules are readily available to the public.

What is the average uptime of the EonPay platform?

As a critical component of EON's customers' business operations, EonPay delivers over 99% uptime from within its PCI compliant infrastructure.

What coding languages does EON support?

EON delivers full control of all account information through the Integration Library, with out-of-the-box support for Java, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion and Groovy, and a Code Sample library for common scenarios.

Does EON offer data portability if customers decide to move to another platform?

Customer service and satisfaction is the top priority for EON Payment Solutions. If customers choose to move elsewhere, EON will assist with all needs related to moving data and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.