EON Payment Solutions delivers Recurring Billing and Payment Processing solutions for eCommerce organizations, brick-and-mortar businesses, and software developers.


The EonPay Platform

EON’s uniquely sophisticated technology provides Merchants with the most flexible, innovative, and cost-effective cloud-based solution for Total Payment Management, which includes Credit/Debit Card processing, ACH Processing, true Recurring and Subscription Billing, Merchant Services Integrations, Commissions Management... and much more.


Gateway Services

Some of EonPay's powerful gateway capabilities include: direct to processor integration (including American Express); Level I, II and III Card processing; seamless connections to front-end and POS systems; support for PIN and PIN-less Debit; comprehensive reporting and merchant / reconciliation statements; advanced Split Funding (tiered remittance) capabilities; automated Decline Recycling and Chargeback Management... Contact EON today to learn about the full range of services.



Fully PCI-compliant and hosted in a redundant and fail-safed infrastructure, EonPay provides users with a complete range of secure Payment & Billing features, including support for Tokenization, PayPage and Encrypted swipes. Strict User-Account Management and secure handling of application passwords further enhance Merchants' peace of mind and reduce concerns about audits, breaches or unauthorized access to customer data.


Merchant Services

By choosing the flexible and innovative EonPay Platform and it's easy-to-use interfaces for on-boarding and managing multiple merchants, customizing fee structures, and handling all remittance needs - such as tiered remittance capabilities for revenue sharing - Merchants receive the most cost-effective and seamless processing services on the market (including a choice of Blended Rate or Cost Plus pricing). Combined with a relentless focus on customer support and retention, EonPay is the perfect platform for building years of mutual success.